Bea Barros / Cincinnati Magazine

Bea Barros

Bea Barros was commissioned by Cincinnati Magazine to create this 8” x 10.5” full page feature illustration about college and career pathways for high school students in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area.
The brief by Jen Kawanari, art director of Cincinnati Magazine, was to create a colorful illustration about High school students’ various paths for career and college. The paths should represent an interest in technology, business, manufacturing (electrical, machining, engineering, etc), and construction (carpentry, welding, electricity, HVAC, plumbing, etc.).
Bea’s idea for the concept was a board game or road map that features diverse high school students exploring or entering different career paths such as Business, Manufacturing, Plumbing, Technology, and Construction. The color palette used is bold and vibrant which shows excitement, fun, and youthfulness.
AD/Jen Kawanari