Bea Barros / “Fresh Finds Night Market” / Philippine Chamber of Commerce Industry

Bea Barros

Bea Barros was asked by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Industry Iloilo Chapter, to illustrate a map for their event entitled “Fresh Finds Night Market” at Iloilo Megaworld Park Square.

The map illustration features the placement of all booths and vendors of the said event, the iconic Martin Delgado Monument, two famous restaurants near the venue, the stage, giant basket, and several market goers.

On the other hand, the stickers which will be sold during the event will feature lettering illustrations of different key words of the event.


Bea Barros’ vision for the map illustration was to make it playful yet straightforward to ensure that market goers can easily understand the map and the products offered in each booth. Hence, some elements in each booth were enlarged to give emphasis on the product offerings. Human characters are illustrated using active movements to create playfulness and life on the illustration.

The letterings for the stickers were all hand drawn to make them look organic and fun.

Art Director: Paul Gonzaga