Bea Barros / Rebel Girls / Rebel Girls Level Up: 25 Tales of Gaming and Metaverse

Bea Barros




Bea Barros was invited to illustrate Helen Chiang, the esteemed head of the iconic Minecraft game, for the 2023 children’s book publication titled, “Rebel Girls Level Up: 25 Tales of Gaming and Metaverse.” This book, a fresh addition to the globally acclaimed Rebel Girls series, shines a spotlight on groundbreaking innovators in the dynamic realms of video games and the metaverse.

“Rebel Girls Level Up” is a proud continuation of the “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” collection, a series that has garnered recognition and adoration for its inspirational stories, now extending its narrative to the digital frontier.

Bea Barros’ illustration is a creative blend of colorful art and homage, featuring a one-page spread that places Helen Chiang at the forefront, against a backdrop of Minecraft characters. The artwork uniquely mirrors Minecraft’s signature graphics, bringing a familiar yet fresh perspective to the iconic game’s visual narrative.

Art Director – Giulia Flamini