Boo! Did we scare you? Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been a spooky and creative time for us here at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency.

It’s also been a great opportunity for our Gang of illustrators to create some fun, new personal work that they don’t normally get to do.

Please feel free to share and post any of these spooky Halloween illustrations on social media.

All we ask, is that you make sure to credit the illustrator in your post.

Thanks and Happy Halloween Everybody!

Anna Goodson

Here are a few from this year’s Halloween collection. You can find more on our website.

Illustration/ Nathan Hackett


Gif/Hanna Melin

Illustration/Marella Albanese


Illustration/ Lucila Preini


Illustration/ Miguel Monkc

Illustration/ Audrey Malo


Illustration/ Craigio Hopson



Illustrator/ Iliana Galvez

See the full collection of our Halloween illustrations on our website