Born to Draw: Defining the Difference


Being an artist is easy to claim but hard to earn. People often state they are artists, which they may be in their own right. But what makes you an artist? Sure, you can go to school and hone in on your creative skills.  But no one can teach you to have the desire to be in illustration, graphic design, motion, painting, etc.  What defines the difference between someone who enjoys being creative and someone who bleeds creativity through every piece of work they do? They are truly born to draw.

Are You Born to Do Something?

Are you born to be in your profession? Or have you used the paths you’ve taken throughout life to help you define what you are content doing day in and day out? Those who are born to do something wake up every day, with the sincere desire to excel at their love for said profession.  They don’t see it as a job. They see it as a lifestyle. Yes, there will be stress, deadlines, and work woes to worry about, as with any job. But the payout isn’t what drives them – It is the ability to use their skills, their passion, and their desire to improve their already remarkable talents, bringing them to another level.

What Makes an Artist Born to Draw?

Did they wake up as a little kid knowing how to do all these incredible things? Fitting into a career path because you’re forced to,  lacks passion, creativity, and heart. Being born to do something, to feel that your purpose is to create, inspire, and convey a message with only visual interpretation, is something that is felt through the works of artists who have found their calling. 

There is No “Fake it Til You Make it” in Art

Still not sure if you agree? Here are some words from our artists whom we recognize for their superior talents and their obvious mentality of being born to draw. 


Sebastien Thibault
“My parents knew that I would become an illustrator. They had enough confidence in me to let me paint on the walls of our house. I also play the drums. My second big dream was to become a successful musician, but creating illustration isn’t bad either.”- Sebastien Thibault



Stephanie Wunderlich

“I remember being fascinated by how easily I could create a whole new world with just a pen and paper. The enthusiastic and encouraging reaction of my parents spurred me on.”- Stephanie Wunderlich



Pablo Lobato

“I can’t remember a precise moment. It was a natural flow. I just did what I wanted to do. I drew a lot and here I am.”- Pablo Lobato



Katy Lemay

“Since childhood, I always chose an artistic path. I found a way to create with anything around me; often they were things from my mother’s shed. It wasn’t necessarily drawing or painting either. I built a lemonade sales stand once. With the dimes and quarters I earned, I went out and bought my first set of oil pastels which I still have.”- Katy Lemay 



Andy Potts

“I can’t recall a time when I didn’t know that I wanted to be an illustrator. I’ve been making images for as long as I can remember.”- Andy Potts