Chris Madden / Alcalde Magazine / A matter of national security

Chris Madden


Chris Madden was recently commissioned to create a full-page illustration for Alcalde Magazine. The image was to accompany an article that took a peek inside the Clements Center and its graduate programme that produces the next generation of intelligence agents and national security enthusiasts.

Art Director, Chad Tomlinson wanted to steer away from the serious and sinister side of the subject and into a more fun and humorous approach.
“…it’s not a spy school per se—a lot of these people will work in non-sexy intelligence-gathering roles. They don’t lead double lives, but I suspect there’s a certain amount of hiding in plain sight that’s necessary.”

Chris combined the idea of a ‘spy-school’ graduation and combined it with the faceless, clandestine nature, of the intelligence industry to create a cheerful take on the subject of national security.