Chris Madden / World of Wonder: Mountains Book

Chris Madden

Chris Madden’s fourth non-fiction picture book, ‘World of Wonder: Mountains’ is out now.

Written by Charlotte Guillain and published by Quarto, ‘Mountains’ takes you on a hike through alpine landscapes and snowy mountain peaks and discover Earth’s diverse and delicate ecosystems.

When making this book, Chris was met with the challenge of illustrating accurate representations of each mountain range, but also had to make each mountain distinctive and different enough to keep a young reader engaged.


“Looking at the front cover of this superbly specific nonfiction book, you just KNOW there will be some delicious nature and wildlife illustrations and guess what… there is! There are stunning illustrations of picturesque views, volcanoes, insects, mountain-dwelling reptiles, animals, birds, and fish, all in their mountainous habitats. ⁠The cover alone is a marvel, with raised textures and red foil typography.”
– Book Mother (@book.mother)