Daniella Ferretti / LaMicro Theatre NYC “Las pirámides del Diner”

Daniella Ferretti

LaMicro Theatre, based in New York city,  organized ESCENA SUR: Short Stories and Plays, an online festival that presenting young writers from Latin America this past April 2022.

Daniella Ferretti,  was commissioned to create these images of “Las pirámides del Diner” a short story written by Rossana Montoya. The idea was to produce a simple animation, made by Eden Pasies, to accompany the voice narration. The short story tells the experiences of a Peruvian immigrant who begins to work in a restaurant in Miami. It was an open and creative brief and Daniella was inspired by the pop elements of the American culture and Miami art deco spaces. She used a reduced color palette and simple elements to symbolize some concepts in the story.