Daniella Ferretti / Rotary magazine / Birth of a Hospital

Daniella Ferretti





Daniella was asked to create these 2 illustrations for a Rotary Magazine article.

In 2000 doctor Scott Kellerman and his wife Carol started a medical survey of people from the Batwa Pygmy group of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. In the early 1990s, the forest was designated a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site to protect mountain gorillas and other endangered species. As a result, the Batwa were evicted from their homeland, their survival was in danger and they had an estimated life expectancy of 28 years. After initial years of delivering medical services through mobile medical clinics, living in a tent, the project was growing. From this collaboration was born Bwindi Community Hospital. Today, Ugandans lead and manage an award-winning 155-bed institution — and in 2013, the hospital started the Uganda Nursing School Bwindi, which is now rated as one of the country’s finest nursing schools.

For this project Daniella looked at many photo references of the place, its landscapes, forests, the current hospital and its inhabitants. From that she came up with the composition and color palette that she was looking for to convey warmth.

Art Direction by Elizabeth Cantu