Daniella Ferretti /WWF / Patagonian Coast Map and Letters for Founder’s Magazine

Daniella Ferretti






Daniella was commissioned to work on this project for the WWF founder’s magazine. She created a map and capital letters for a report about preservation of Guafo, a small Chilean island. Located south of Chiloé island, this place is a key point for the conservation of marine biodiversity in Patagonia. The indigenous community and WWF seek to have it declared a Coastal Marine Space of Native Peoples, in order to preserve the cultural and natural attributes of this marine treasure. The article also shows how women are taking an important role to defend their rights and advance sustainable fishing.

Daniella enjoyed illustrating flora and fauna of Chile, her country. She also recreated the letters painted on the Guafo Island lighthouse to be used on the map.

Art Direction by Carla Delgado.
Design by studio 33