How to Survive as an Illustrator during the COVID-19 mania! Here are Anna’s Top 5



  1. First and foremost, I suggest you STAY HOME! No mater where in the world you live, you can work from anywhere, so be safe and STAY PUT!
  1. Review your portfolio- YES you can actually review your own portfolio. Trust me on this one. Sit down in front of your computer and have a good long look at your work.  Ask yourself; if you LOVE what you see. Ask yourself if you were to die tomorrow; would these images be the ones you want to be remembered by? If not, DELETE. If you have any work in your portfolio that you wouldn’t die for. (Kidding not die for but you know what I mean) DELETE. Only keep images that YOU love. NO don’t ask anyone his or her opinion, especially not your mother’s.
  1. Take this time to work on some new illustrations  that could be used in your portfolio and on social media.  Draw how you feel and how COVID-19 is affecting you personally.  I’m confident these images will be very powerful and others will be able to relate. Draw what you are going through. If you are in quarantine (which you should be by the way) or cooped up alone or with a place full of kids, with your significant other or just with your pet. Lots of material there to “draw” from
  1. Come up with a professional game plan for the next month. Nobody knows what to expect from day to day so don’t get overly anxious about long term plans. That’s not going help you be productive. Set realistic goals for yourself and stick to them. Do all the things you’ve been saying you would do but instead procrastinated.
  1. “BREATH” You knew being a professional illustrator was NOT going to be easy and with what’s going on now with COVID-19, there is a lot of uncertainty for all of us in the illustration industry. You decide to become a professional illustrator because you love to draw and to do what you love. I started Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, because I love working with illustrators and I believe that illustrations are a powerful and important part xof society. They help visually convey messages in editorial, advertising, publishing and design. As tough as things might get, I am very confident that this too shall pass. And when it does, those who were pro active, focused, determined, proactive and passionate will prevail.