Gemma Correll / City Island / Art Director and Executive Producer

Gemma Correll


Gemma Correll worked as the Art Director and Executive Producer for City Island, a new animated show for children launching on December 26, 2022 on PBS kids.
Created by Aaron Augenblick and also executive produced by Daniel Powell, the show stars Kimia Behpoornia and Kimiko Glenn with guest appearances from comedians Amy Schumer and Julio Torres. The series was created to explore American civics in a fun way and covers topics like cooperation, conflict resolution and city planning, with the aim of helping young viewers understand how their cities and communities work. The show follows Watt, “a little lightbulb with big ideas” and his friend Windy, a kite, as they learn from various community members about how they make their city run. Gemma designed all of the City Island infrastructure and objects as “living” characters, from fire trucks and mail carriers to plants and roads, as well as creating backgrounds and art directing the feel of the show. The series was produced with major funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.