Global Bike Festival, Shift Active Media

Nathan Hackett

Nathan was asked to create a lineup poster for the Global Bike Festival happening in Austria later this year.

The festival celebrates many disciplines of bike riding, and were required to all be depicted on the poster to appeal to the many varieties of bike riders that the festival is hoping to attract. Beginning at Glossglockner, the Austrian mountain range with a high road pass and setting the scene for the festival, Nathan illustrated the bike race ‘King of the Mountain’ finish line, some ‘gravel riders’, mountain bikers and a ‘pump track’ to frame the festivals lineup of events and special guests.

Besides the bike riding, there is also the festivals main stage, mountain gondolas and ‘Lloyd’ys Pub’ acting as easter eggs among the festival revelry.

The illustration needed to harbour a lot of elements, but also be adjustable for further developments in the lineup of the festival. All the different elements were made and delivered to be modular with options to expand the poster and lineup as well as animated layers for sharing on the Global Bike Festivals social media channels.

Art Direction by Tom Pinnegar