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Motion & Animation

Stephanie Wunderlich / Illustration for Wirtschaftswoche

Stephanie Wunderlich was asked to produce a series of illustrations for the weekly german business magazine Wirtschaftswoche about the sorrows of landlords. This is the opening double spread showing the owner of the building beeing harassed by huge hands coming out of the rented appartements. One is threatening him with legal actions, another has obviously […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Anfachen Award

The Anfachen Award is a yearly poster design contest. IN the 2019 the participants were free to choose any personal, political, aesthetic or formal point of view in their approach to the assigned topic of “Housing and Living”. This years subject was LIVING. My illustration was one of the 25 images chosen by the Jury. […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Alltogether

New original artwork. Papercut in A0 / Personal work.

Stephanie Wunderlich / Double Spread for Akademische Mitteilungen

The Magazine “Akademische Mitteilungen” der Academy of Arts Stuttgart asked me to illustrate a double page on the topic of “Heimat” (The german word that you can’t really translate – it is close to “home”). I decided to show the loss of your home through war.

Stephanie Wunderlich / Self initiated papercuts: Couples

Lately I made some new papercuts mostly of couples. Here are some samples.

Stephanie Wunderlich / Digitizing financial information for a special edition of Wirtschaftswoche

Stephanie Wunderlich’s commission to illustrate a special edition of Wirtschaftswoche, a German women’s magazine, shows world market leaders taking their companies digital. Wunderlich’s illustrations draw attention to an article on the challenges German companies are facing associated with digitalizing financial information. The illustrator combines symbols used in a digital age with a hands-on effort to […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Illustrating a column for Schöner Wohnen

Stephanie Wunderlich illustrated the last in a series of monthly illustrations this year about what happens in the corridor for Schöner Wohnen magazine, a German women’s magazine. The series answers questions posed in articles published in the magazine. Wunderlich’s signature style of flat shapes and tipped perspective creates a bird’s eye view of her subject.

Stephanie Wunderlich illustrates new Mailchimp website

Stephanie Wunderlich created nine black-and-white illustrations for Mailchimp’s Best Customers’ Automation section as part of the site’s new launch. Wunderlich’s oversized figures show fantastic feats of strength and movement in black on yellow illustrating the reach and speed of Mailchimp’s marketing automation platform and email marketing services.  

Stephanie Wunderlich / Dos and don’ts of planning a dinner party

Stephanie Wunderlich created an illustration for the current issue of Schöner Wohnen, a German interiors magazine for women. Wunderlich’s illustration shows the “Dos and dont’s” of planning a dinner party at home.

Stephanie Wunderlich / Book cover for a novel by Magdalena Jagelke

Stephanie Wunderlich created a book cover and typography for a new book by Magdalena Jagelke about a teenage girl abandoned by her mother. Book editor, Voland & Quist, commissioned the cover image of a young woman balancing a book on her fingertip.  Wunderlich’s one color plus black cover illustration is printed on a brilliant red […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Bedroom scene for Schöner Wohnen

Stephanie Wunderlich’s recent illustration for the September issue of Schöner Wohnen, a German magazine on interiors. Wunderlich illustrates a monthly column for the magazine. Pictured here is a cozy family bedroom scene.  A father reads in bed while a mother drinks warm tea or coffee.  A child rests on his father’s leg with a favorite stuffed animal […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Children’s garden game for Brigitte magazine

Stephanie Wunderlich created a children’s page for the German women’s magazine, Brigitte, that contains a riddle. Plants in Wunderlich’s illustration have letters assigned to them that must be put in order according to the number of blossoms on each plant. The children are then asked to uncover the name of the girl’s favorite flower. Wunderlich’s delightful illustration of a young girl in […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / The meaning of work for Spring Magazine

Stephanie Wunderlich, co-editor of Spring magazine since 2008, completed a story for this year’s issue on the meaning of work. Spring, an annual mono-thematic anthology, features an unusual combination of comics, illustration and drawing using a wide variety of visual narrative techniques. Wunderlich’s two-color illustration of people at work relies upon bold, abstract shape and line to create a […]

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