Jiyeun Kang / A Song Everlasting/ The Boston Globe Book Review

Jiyeun Kang

This beautiful illustration by JiYeun Kang’s  was created for the novel written by Ha Jin titled “A Song Everlasting” and was published in The Boston Globe Book Review.

The main character, a Chinese singer, Tian shows an uneasy Chinese immigrant’s life, and the hope for freedom in the United States, at the same time.

The overall shape like a river flowing means the main character’s journey to find the true meaning of freedom through hope, frustration, and difficulties in this city.

The scenery of New York on the left side, the old and the new landscape of Beijing on the other side, and the pigeons place on it are organized together to show that the “song” is the song of freedom, sung not loudly, but persistently, as a tune that all the world’s people may follow.

Thank you to AD George Patisteas