Jiyeun Kang / The Weather/Boston Sunday Globe

Jiyeun Kang

JiYeun Kang was commissioned a piece for the book by Jenny Offill titled the “Weather” from the Boston Globe.

It is the collection of the narrator’s slim stories filled with fear of the end of the world. However, It shows that the world continues to end, but that life is still something. Although the narrator is an acerbic observer, she still has hope for pre-death life.

In the partnership with George Patisteas, JiYeun Kang aimed at to depict the moods of this novel in a visual way through the backdrop of the city, endangered nature, and the door placed in front of the main character.
The woman’s facial expression shows the deep fear and depression of her struggle with daily life and world’s crisis, but includes some hope she still has.