Joe Magee / Arts Group Create Gloucestershire / Data Day

Joe Magee


Joe was commissioned by arts group Create Gloucestershire to make an primary image to market ‘Data Day’, a collaborative brainstorming day for artists, funders and others to understand how can we share and use data better in our communities. This is proposed as the first of an annual event. Joe will also run a data visualisation workshop on the day.

Some of the goals:

  • Create connections between individuals and organisations in Gloucestershire with data to share and those with data needs
  • Take a creative approach to engaging with data collection and use – see how artists use data to move beyond storage to storytelling
  • Generate ideas together to make data could work better for us all;
  • Build confidence in understanding and working with data: exploring language, skills and approaches that take the fear out of stats and spreadsheets;
  • Get critical about the power of data, and how to put communities in control;

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