Katy Lemay illustrate the visuals for the new exhibit “René and Levesque” Musée de la Civilisation de Québec

Katy Lemay

Katy Lemay was honoured to create the poster and visuals for a the long awaited exhibition on the life of one of Québec’s most influential, charismatic and controversial Premiers, “René and Lévesque.”  This important and historical exhibit will take place at the Musée de la Civilisation de Québec from November 17, 2022 to September 4, 2023.



Katy Lemay at the opening of the “René and Levesque” exhibit with former Premier of Québec Lucien Bouchard.


Thanks to the photo archives made available to Katy, she was able to make a selection
that would serve as a basis for illustrating the themes in the exhibition.

Katy immersed herself in the historical documentation and the intimate universe
of Lévesque, to create her concepts based on his character traits.

The exhibition explores the lesser known facets of Lévesque.  In this exhibit, we see from the perspective of René Lévesque, his personality and character traits that forged the human being, the son, the father and the man of the of the people and the great public politician.

Katy Lemay’s  no only did the illustrations for this exhibit but she served as artistic direction and the graphic integration of the of the entire exhibition as well as for the design of the interactive
station where her illustrations can be found at the opening of the show.

“Working on this project, “René and Lévesque” has to be one of the highlight’s of my career, says Lemay, who has been working as a professional international illustration for close to three decades.

Exhibition project manager: Coline Niess
Digital project manager: Isa Mailloux
Creative Director: Simon Garant
UI and UX design: Amélie Bissonnette