Lucila Perini / Phaidon / A Home For Every Plant

Lucila Perini






Lucila worked for a whole year on this immense and profound book for children written by Matthew Biggs and published by Phaidon.
The book covers 40 habitats around the world, from the rainforest to the arctic, showing in each ecosystem the biggest, boldest, and stinkiest plants, how they reproduce or their most amazing qualities, taking the reader on a journey full of knowledge about our planet and fun facts fully illustrated from cover to cover.
Fully researched, written, and vetted by expert botanists from around the world, this book teaches children about plants in the context of their natural environment, and is ideal for geography and biology curricular tie ins, as well as being a book that will inspire children to love and care for the plants around them.

Art Director: Ana Rita Teodoro