Mia Saine / Facebook: Forward with Pride

Mia Saine


Facebook put together a guide for businesses around how to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and community all year round, with cover art designed by Memphis-native illustrator and designer Mia Saine, a non-binary Black creative seeking to share a more positive, inclusive narrative.

Pride Month is a chance for businesses and marketers to pause and consider how we can become better allies of the LGBTQ+ community. But the work is too important to end in June. Our opportunities to reflect, learn and grow never stop.

When businesses speak out, people listen. Mobile makes it easier than ever to announce our commitments, elevate the conversation and meaningfully engage with underrepresented communities, regardless of where people live.

By spotlighting community voices, celebrating and upholding the value of LGBTQ+ lives, educating ourselves and others and taking proudly public stances that show ongoing support for diversity and individuality — regardless of gender, race, orientation or identity — we can seize the opportunity to nudge society toward greater acceptance and inclusion.