Mia Sans- Skittles all-gay Pride packs

Mia Saine

We’re so excited and honoured to share this news of illustrator Mia Saine and her collaboration with Skittles and GLAAD!!!

“Being involved in a LGTBQ+ campaign to combat anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination means a lot to me personally, Goodson says.  When I came out in the early 80’s we didn’t have any corporate support of visibility. It’s such a great feeling to work with clients today who care and are so involved.”

Mia is part of the group of LGBTQ+ illustrators selected to work on the new packaging for Skittles Pride Packs.

For the 2022 Skittles Pride Packs, Skittles has teamed up with GLAAD and six talented LGBTQ+ artists to design original packs to represent how they “see the rainbow” everyday in their lives. While the candies themselves will still be gray, the packaging will be beautifully colored with art celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

The Skittles design Saine created, “Space for Love”, explores the idea that there is nothing black and white about people and their individuality. The LGBTQ+ community has dedicated many lives and carried on heavy, upheaval work to advocate for people’s true identities and representation. People should be able to show up as themselves and love whoever makes their lives fuller. Our rainbow spectrum will continue to expand until love as a whole is normalized and celebrated.

The overall concept was inspired by my interpretation of fragmented colors from a prism. Additionally, Saine wanted to represent love as a colorful liquid substance that engulfs people. With the absence of gravity, this “liquid” transformed into various size circles, similar to what would happen to liquid in space. The characters represent wonderful people who we see daily. They are visualizing themselves at their fullest capacity and allowing their light to project onto love. This power they possess allows their love and feelings to glisten throughout space.

The Global Usage of the illustrations will be for – Retail, Digital and Physical Promotion, Social, Environmental design, etc.

Air Directors: 
Weber Shandwick,
Austen Hohendorf (Senior Manager)
Monica Whitehurst
Melissa Smith