Miguel Monkc / Taula, the new exhibition of Organic Red Bull illustrations

Miguel Monkc




Miguel Monkc and other four illustrators were recently selected by Red Bull and The Museum of Modern Art and Illustration in Valencia to create a nice group of artworks based on Organics by RedBull. The illustrations are inspired in nature, environmental and organic topics, showing an interesting integration with the Red Bull product. Miguel liked the idea of working with Black Orange, basically a citrus flavor with a bitter blend that remembered him the city of Valencia. Miguel’s concept shows the bottle of this drink becoming a flower vase. Each flower stem represent one the ingredients of this beverage, orange, lemon, carrot and beetroot’s sugar. The illustrations ended printed on the tables of the museum’s terrace. People who visit the terrace can vote for the favourite table illustration. The poll will finished in October 2022 when a winner will be announce.