Miguel Monkc / The Resilient / Final M.F.A. in Illustration Project

Miguel Monkc

As part of his final project of Master’s degree, Miguel Monkc created 3 illustrated posters based on stories about resilience. From typography to illustration the three posters are designed as a series.

“Finally the Resilient posters are here. Three posters inspired in my favourite resilient stories read during quarantine. After these hard days of so many readings, lockdowns and sad losses I created these posters in order to capture the essence of tackling with COVID-19. Three posters that honour its authors and their resilient messages. In order of appearance: Noticing nature is the greatest gift you can get from lockdown by Lucy Jones from The Guardian, Now is the time to cherish the little things by Jeff Bezos and Jeremy Beiler from The New Yorker magazine and This summer, consider camping in your own backyard by Catherine Newman from The New York Times”.