Miguel Monkc / The Washington Post / Well+Being

Miguel Monkc











Commissioned by The Washington Post, Miguel Monkc created a series of illustrations to cover an interactive page of the Well+Being section of the newspaper. The coverage is all about assessing and improving your fitness levels according to your age. Five simple characters and different positions were developed in order to cover 5 main categories: stamina, strength, balance, mobility and overall fitness. Taking Miguel Monkc’s wide experience in lettering, for the lead illustration the art director envisioned a playful lettering in the headline, with each of the five characters doing something related to their category on or near the lettering. A couple of sketches were developed during the process coming to a common agreement that the simplest version which ended in the final approval was the most legible of all solutions. We are very happy with this project and we couldn’t wait to show you the results.

Art Director: Chelsea Conrad