Nathan Hackett / D Magazine / Home Improvement

Nathan Hackett


Nathan was asked to illustrate for an article in D Magazine about the writers recent move to a ‘fixer-upper’ and the unnecessarily painful lessons learnt along the way.

Already moving to a house coinciding with ‘a global pandemic’ and a scarcity of subcontractors because everybody else is already renovating, the writer tells the story of their effort to economise and delve into the hitherto unexplored world of DIY. A series of unfortunate mishaps, beginning with the installation of a toilet roll holder, puncturing a mystery water pipe and consequently flooding whole whole house, the writer reflects on the painful lesson learnt; ‘even more economizing is now necessary’.

The illustration was made to be dynamic and entice the reader to begin the story with an incomplete narrative. The writers telling of their personal disaster was humorous and the illustration was made in a similar tone.

Art direction by Lesley Busby