Nathan Hackett / The Wine Spectator / Wine Spectator, Wine and Health

Nathan Hackett


Nathan was asked by The Wine Spectator to illustrate for their story on wine and healthy living. The feature consisted of one larger opener to invite the reader and set the tone, followed by 6 spot illustrations that categorised each coming topic covered in the article to its section.

The opener of an imagined lifestyle full of activity partnered with a healthy enjoyment of wine featured a broad range of demographics and happenings that related to the articles. The spots acted as quarter page vignettes for the different sections titled: Wine and your Brain; Wine and your Heart; Wine and your Weight; Wine and Ageing; Wine and Women’s Health, and lastly; Wine and Illness.

The still moments acted as light, tonal uplifts to make the reading easier for a potentially very serious subject matter. The article featured scientific studies and reference so the illustrations had to be sensitive to the identities of the reader and careful not to trivialise the content. The solution reached by Nathan and Lisa was to utilise humour and a sunnier disposition that celebrates wine and a partnered healthy living.

Art direction by Lisa Aurigemma