Oboh Moses’s Illustration Bring Back Our Girls, was selected for American Illustration 40th Anniversary Annual!

Oboh Moses

Oboh Mosses illustration “Bring Back our Girls” was selected to be published in the American Illustration 40th anniversary annual award book.

With over 7000 entries from 1,342 artist from around the world and only 425 illustration were selected to be published in this years annual.

Moses, created this personal piece to highlight the pain and anguish suffered by desperate parents as well as the helplessness of the abductees. Moses‘ strength lies in creating portraits that are conceptual, figurative, and colourful, imbuing them with character and emotion. The illustration serves as a stark reminder of  the lurking threat that young women in Africa face everyday in their pursuit of education, and of basic human rights.

Oboh Mosses, is a young digital illustrator living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. His passion for art and expressing himself creatively, started at the tender age of seven. Oboh was a fan of many artists he found on line and worked tirelessly at his own craft to develop his style of illustration. Growing up in Nigeria, it was hard for Oboh to get his parents approval for him to become a professional illustrator.
It took them time to realize how gifted he was and to accept that his passions for art could actually lead to a successful career as a digital illustrator.