Our way of giving back creatively

When I started this agency in 1996, one of my goals was to create a socially-conscious company that represents creatives who understand the power of art. Our gang of international illustrators has proven time and again–through their art–that they stand for truth and justice.

It’s not often that we hear of professionals in any field offering to work for free.  Each February, at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, we take a bold step; one that expresses the love we feel for those who help others.

This February, for the eighth consecutive year, our international illustrators will offer original illustration for free to non-profits and charities.

Our goal: organizations that might not be able to afford a commission of original illustration benefit from the visibility a targeted illustration can bring.

Last year, our illustrators donated their time and effort to non-profits by creating artwork that spread their message of caring.

Marta Antelo designed a poster for The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, an organization dedicated to curing spinal cord injury. By funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy, the foundation carries on the lifework of Christopher Reeve.

Wayne Mills designed a poster depicting kids participating in triathlon sports— swimming, running and biking—for Camp de Jour, a program of the Phoenix Tri Club.

Nathalie Dion’s touching image of a young girl with birds nestled in her hair was created for Fondation Autour (Around Foundation), supporting the efforts of parents of children with special needs.

Tina Zellmer created a series of illustrations for Tearfund UK to support their Vision project in Uganda, Peru and Nepal.  Zellmer joined their in-house creative team on a trip to Uganda, experiencing rural African life.

Audrey Malo designed an ad for Les Chiens Togo, an organization that trains abandoned dogs to become service dogs for individuals with special needs.

Craigio Hopson designed a fun, bold illustration for Science Kids CLS Montréal’s website to promote science to young learners (see illustration at top of blog).

I can’t wait to see what our illustrators will create for this year’s International Illustrators willing to work for Free campaign. I’m sure they’ll devote themselves to each request with the same dedication they exhibit each and every day.

Let’s make it all about spreading the love this February. Who knows, maybe one ripple in a pond will create many more. This February, let’s give back creatively.