Raphael Mendes / Editora Mol / Contribution to the book “How to Get to 100 Years”

Raphael Mendes

Raphael Mendes received a special invitation from Editora Mol to contribute his artistic work to the book “How to Get to 100 Years”. This book is a rich collection of tips and testimonials that explore the health and well-being secrets essential for a long and happy life. Raphael, together with other illustrators, was responsible for creating illustrations for six double pages, adding a unique visual touch that complements and enriches the textual content.

The book project featured Olivia Ferraz and Brenna Oria as Art Directors. They played a fundamental role in the aesthetic guidance and visual cohesion of the work, ensuring that each illustration aligned perfectly with the message of longevity and happiness that the book conveys.

One of the noblest aspects of this project is its philanthropic purpose. All profits obtained from the sale of the book will be donated to NGOs distributed throughout Brazil, expanding the positive impact of the work beyond the pages, benefiting communities and supporting various social causes.