Spotify Launches Its Pride Campaign and Featuring Mural Art by Artist Mia Saine

Mia Saine

In collaboration with Spotify’s in-house creative team and narrated by the legendary Big Freedia, the 2021 Spotify Pride mural campaign is a love song to pride in 3 cities — Detroit, Nashville, and New Orleans. Spotify has partnered with three phenomenal @heymiasaine @ggggrimes and @brohammed to create custom murals featuring local heroes, musicians, and activists. Mia Saine created a design celebrating the vibrance of the LGBTQ+ community in Nashville and telling the story of their critical role in the country and roots scenes, as well as in activism in the city. Saine, a Memphis illustrator, identifies as a non-binary Black creative seeking to share a more positive, inclusive narrative. The mural shines a spotlight on the important contributions of featured artists and activists local to the Nashville area including TJ Osborne, Brittany Howard, Joy Oladokun, Amythyst Kiah, Fancy Hagood, Dr. Marisa Richmond, Chris Sanders, and Gianna Lopez in telling their own unique stories.

Saine’s outdoor mural is located at 1917 Church St. in Nashville for viewing. Their second mural is being given as a gift to the nonprofit Oasis Center, a youth crisis intervention center in the Nashville area. This mural will live indoors at the Oasis Center in Nashville

With beauty, grace and performances by LGBT icons @rvxmendoza @fancyhagood @nate_messa @likethegreatdane @onlyeddielockwood and @lovejustlied.

Production Company: Good Creature Films
Agency: Unsnctnd