Icons Illustrators

Icons illustrators like to make their mark: that is, a visual mark or an emblem. They design graphic representations to become distinctive symbols that are easy to recognize.
Icon illustrators know that color, shape, proportion, and placement can communicate meaning or an idea. They create their marks or icons in vector-based programs so they can be enlarged or reduced in the blink of an eye.
The icons illustrator excels at limiting graphic elements and colors to create symbols that can be read without effort. With an eye on simplicity, they create abstract marks that mean something.
Minimalists at heart, they won’t add any frills to what you see. Only the most essential elements will do.
Icons illustrators know we’d be nowhere without them when reading a map. We’d get lost on the subway, be unable to follow the rules of the road, and fail to put together the most basic piece of furniture from IKEA. We would never figure out how to use our cameras; we wouldn’t know whether to wash or dry clean our clothes, and our coffeemakers would beep intermittently at odd and unexpected times of day.
Let us thank the icons illustrators for allowing things to run smoothly; for helping us to reach our destinations safely, and for providing the general instructions we need to live our lives each day.