The Advantages of being a Freelance Illustrator during these difficult times


Illustration/Gemma Correll

What a monumental time in our society to be an illustrator…or is it? It is absolutely an incredible time to possess the skills that turn words into art, emotions into images, and movements into illustrations.  Now, more than ever, we need impactful imagery to bring focus to the issues at hand and raise awareness in ways words can’t quite grasp.

Illustration/Andrea Ucini

So what are the advantages of being a freelancer during these times? Beyond the normal draws to freelancer life of flexible hours, control over work scope, and multifaceted exposure, being a freelance artist during a time when the global economy is in complete disarray gives you the ability to be the answer to people’s questions. Businesses are actively looking for freelancers they can hire for project-based work, as digital content is more imperative than ever because of millions of people being in front of their screens every day.  They have a marketing budget to spend and are limited in their ways to spend it. Artists have the ability to match with these companies and begin work without being tied down to full-time employee requirements.  

Illustration/Mai Ly Degnan

While there may be some companies who are scaling back because of the pandemic, there are just as many ramping up their content distribution in ways they never have before.  Freelance artists are used to the “work-from-home” lifestyle with deadlines instead of hours and Zoom calls instead of conference rooms. There is no adjustment period needed in the freelance world. They are ready for this time.  There are no growing pains and learning curves to worry about with freelancers, as their lives have always worked this way, and they are damn good at it.  

Illustration/Leonard Beard

Your clients may change.  The demands may change. But one thing is certain.  Art isn’t going anywhere. Freelancers have the ability to work freely and efficiently for multiple brands, all while delivering top-notch work.  They are what keeps the creative world flowing throughout the rollercoaster of the global economy. Times ahead may be stressful, uncertain, and perhaps somewhat scary.  If you are an established freelancer, keep moving forward and growing your business. If you are thinking about becoming a freelancer, do it now. The clients are out there and they are looking for talented artists and illustrators with the ability to represent their brand in a way they may never have before.