This February, We’re willing to work for FREE!

This February, the illustrators at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency extend a heartfelt invitation to non-profits and charities worldwide: they are offering to illustrate for FREE.

With the belief that “Art Speaks Louder Than Words,” this initiative aims to assist organizations in bringing attention to their noble causes. Goodson expresses, “It’s our way of giving back, especially in challenging times.”

For more than two decades, Anna Goodson Illustration Agency has generously provided hundreds of illustrations at no charge, benefiting clients globally who might otherwise be unable to afford original artwork.

Having represented distinguished illustrators and animators for close to 30 years, Anna Goodson Illustration Agency is renowned for fostering both established and emerging talents from around the globe.

This exclusive offer to work for Free is open solely to non-profit organizations and charities, spanning from February 1st, 2024, to February 28th, 2024.

To explore further or initiate an illustration request, kindly reach out via email to, .

Illustration / Jennifer Tapias Derch