We’re delighted to welcome California based illustrator Myles Hi

Myles Hi


Myles Rowe, artistically known as Myles Hi, is a 2D illustrator / animator from Detroit, MI in the United States. His artwork resembles the use of an archival fine ink pen, on top of friendly, opaque colors. Myles bases his character designs on his own lifestyle and those around him. Being from what may be the “Blackest City in America”, his concepts are oftentimes inspired by his experiences as a Black father from an urban city environment. You’ll commonly see themes of parenthood, sports, music, fashion, tech, and satirical takes on society in his work. An art piece from Myles may consist of large, detailed urban settings full of Black and Brown characters, laid out using one, two, and three point perspective drawing techniques. He loves making his 2D work feel like it has a sense of spatial depth.