We’re thrilled to share with you, the final image for The Creative Pixel Project.

The Creative Pixel Project was a global art initiative launched by Anna Goodson, President & Founder of Anna Goodson Illustration Agency.

“We created The Creative Pixel Project to bring people together from around the world and connect them through an inclusive art project. The idea was to create a large-scale digital mural made up of hundreds of original illustrations. Each illustration selected for the project, was converted into one pixel used in this final large scale digital image.

The project was open to everyone who loves to draw and not just the illustrators from our agency, who also participated.

We asked people to draw what their personal Covid-19 Quarantine looked or felt like.

It was a way to bring people together during these crazy times” says Goodson.


Our goal now,  is to see this illustration displayed in large format  in cities around the world!


Final Digital Illustration/Andy Potts