What’s Our Secret Sauce?

When you’ve been doing this as long as we have, people often ask us what makes  Anna Goodson Illustration Agency  so different from other illustration agencies or what’s our “secret sauce”?

“The answer is simple, we’ve always been committed to building relationships with the people we work with, artists and clients alike for over two decades.  A Rose is a Rose is a Rose claimed Gertrude Stein but this doesn’t apply to us” says Anna Goodson, President & Founder.

We pride ourselves at not following trends in illustration but creating them.  We source the planet to represent the most culturally diverse, original, established and up and coming illustrators working today.

We’ve always been committed to the people we work with. We just genuinely really care about what we do and go out of our way to service our clients, whether it’s helping them discover new artists, finding the right artist for their creative brief or getting impossible deadlines met.  We feel very responsible for each and every contract that comes in, no matter  what the budget is and follow it up until it’s been delivered on time and within budget.  Clients trust us and have shown their appreciation over the years by always coming back to collaborate with us over and over again.

One client, who we’ve work with over the years on a pretty regular basis is The Boston Globe . We’ve worked for years on their Book section with designer, George Patisteas.  In celebration of our 25 anniversary last year, George sent me this pdf montage of some of the work we’ve collaborated on together. I was really touched and appreciated that George took the time to send this to me. When a client goes out of his way to send you something like this, it means we are doing the kind of job we’ve set out to do in building relationships and servicing our clients to the best way we know how ” said Goodson.