Why Brands Need to Use Illustration to Connect to Their Buyers

Illustration/Mai Ly Degnan

2020 has begun to show signs of accepting women in all colors, shapes, and sizes, across all consumer channels, but man do we have a way to go. Props to companies like Aerie and Dove for showcasing women for who they are, not the size they are.  While these ads have seen great success, there are endless lines to cross to encourage a reach to the population who has the most purchasing power, women. 


Imagine if brands used illustrations with relatable figures when trying to solve the consumer’s everyday problem with their product.  Picture this: you open a magazine and see an ad for dry shampoo, and it’s a beautiful, thin, clean-haired model who you can’t relate to. What do you do? You turn the page without a second thought of that product. Now picture this: you open a magazine and see an ad for dry shampoo.  It’s an illustration of a woman in the bathroom, doing her morning routine, toothbrush in mouth, towel around her body, all her imperfections out for her to see, and she’s using the dry shampoo. Now, who does that sound like? It sounds like you, me, her. The CONSUMER.  


Images of women are often portrayed into dream figures we simply can’t live up to.  This is old news. But we get it. Artist and illustrator, Mai Ly Degnan gets it. Her pieces capture the look, feel, and emotion of who women really are and the differences that exist among them.  They are illustrations but aren’t exaggerated or unrealistic. Instead, they portray the woman who is tired from her 9-5, wants to live her best life, but hasn’t washed her hair, and needs that previously mentioned dry shampoo. Mai Ly Degnan connects with the reader. 

Illustration/May Ly Degnan


Consumers respond to clear messages that are both creative and realistic. They are looking for a connection.  How can they use that product? How can they picture themselves with that service, item, food product, vacation, etc.?  Illustration allows for creativity, realism, and detail.  Consumers connect with realism. Just think of how products would connect with their target market if there were ads created to be just like those actual consumers.  Those same consumers would be sharing those products with their friends, on social media, and anywhere else they could think of. Sales would skyrocket!

Identifying your target market is step one in forming a real connection.  Finding an artist that can portray your message, your brand identity, and your idea of how it should all look is not an easy task. But it is one of great importance.  Anyone can say they are an artist, but the proof is in the pudding. At Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, our artists are “Born to Draw”.  They are talented, multi-faceted, and have the ability to capture whatever it is in your mind and form it into something you can actually see.  The image you portray to the world is the most solid form of brand representation you can display. Let that image speak loudly, directly, and creatively to your audience.