Christmas Coasters with a Cause

Iliana Galvez


Anna Goodson Illustration Agency was born out of a passion for great illustration and a strong desire for change. For the past 19 years, we have produced a collection of illustrated coasters in hopes of bringing awareness to an important cause close to our hearts. We have previously covered causes such as reproductive rights, LGBTG+ rights, and environmental protection.

This year, our agency’s talented group of 50 illustrators have come together to support #PeaceOnEarth, each creating an original illustration for our virtual coasters.

Check out the 50 coasters from this year collection!

Here are a few samples from the collection.

Peace on Earth is something we all strive for, but it isn’t easy to achieve. We need to battle many issues, such as gender equality, race equality, climate change, and so many more.

Unfortunately, our coaster collection will not be offered in physical form this year. Instead, you can find the coasters virtually on Instagram as stickers and use them to customize your stories!

While the world is currently in a virtual state, we hope that next year, we will provide our coasters physically to you once again.

All of the illustrations will be posted on our Instagram account. We encourage you to post, share, and use #PeaceOnEarth in hopes to promote a conversation about peace in our world.

Illustrators from the coasters above:
1. Jiyeun Kang
2. Queenbe Monyei
3. Iliana Galvez
4. Pablo
5. Clare Mallison
6. Martin Tagnola
7. De.Be.Pe
8. Leonard Beard
9. Nien-Ken Alec Lu