Bringing Walls to Life with Mural Art

Sometimes, we like to go big.

Our mural artists specialize in creating large-scale illustrations to transform a public or commercial space.

Mia Saine, who identifies as a non-binary Black illustrator, created a mural for Spotify’s “Claim Your Space” campaign amplifying the voices of LGBTQIA+ creatives.

Portuguese illustrator Tiago Galo has been commissioned to create several colorful murals on façades around Portugal, like the wall painted at the WOOL Festival in Covilhã to celebrate the Philharmonic Orchestra’s 150th anniversary, or his inclusive “All Together” mural involving local residents in partnership with the Association of Parents and Friends of Mentally Diminished Children.


Large-scale wall illustrations are a compelling way to engage local communities and spark meaningful conversations about social justice and cultural inclusivity.

Pug-loving artist Gemma Correll painted a mural for Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles to liven up their backyard with a joyful pug party featuring twelve diverse, dancing pugs.


Terry Wong was commissioned to paint a mural for the Vancouver Fire Dragon Festival, an important cultural event for the Chinatown community.


Diego Blanco was commissioned to create a mural painting for the Valencia corporate office of SIBERIA, a Spanish advertising agency. Diego’s illustration was designed to represent the company’s commitment to innovation and to taking ideas further.

Murals painted onto building exteriors or other architectural surfaces are a way of democratizing urban art and beautifying neighbourhoods, but they also serve to rally crowds and unite communities.

Audrey Malo was commissioned by Montreal’s renowned Mural Festival to paint a mural on a panel on Saint-Laurent boulevard. Audrey painted the mural in steps over three days so that festival goers could watch it develop gradually.

But not all mural illustrations are necessarily painted. In corporate or commercial venues, illustrations delivered digitally to the client are often transformed into floor-to-ceiling murals, panels, removable wallpaper, vinyl wall coverings or even projections, to enhance the aesthetics of stores, offices, hotels, restaurants, food courts or co-working spaces. Unlike a painted mural, the artist is not limited to being on-site to create the art—the illustration can be delivered anywhere in the world and produced locally.


Angelo Dolojan was commissioned to design ten custom illustrations for the  store in Schaumburg, Illinois, as a love letter to the city of Chicago. Two illustrations were for the store’s main interior walls, and the eight others were designed for vertical panels in the window display.


When creating an illustration to be used as large-scale wall art for corporate or commercial clients, the illustrator considers all the client’s specifications for the physical space as well as any printing limitations, the exact dimensions of the surface, and even the different angles from which the mural will be seen. Digital illustrations have to be scaled up to cover a large surface area without losing image quality. Art directors and illustrators often work with digital renderings to visualize the space and the mural.

Marta Antelo, based in Spain, created a London-themed illustration for the main wall of Oh My Cut! hair and beauty salon in Valencia.

Mural art is designed to be visually striking with bold perspectives, patterns, and colors that engage viewers. It is not designed in isolation–rather, it is designed to be in dialogue with the surrounding space, its architectural features, and the users who will interact with the space.

Like all other forms of art, murals have a story to tell.

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