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Motion & Animation

Clare Mallison / Wall Street Journal

Clare Mallison illustrated how to dress chic whilst travelling for the cover of WSJ OffDuty, Art Director, Forest Evashevski 

Clare Mallison / Financial Times Money Cover

Clare’s latest illustration for the Financial Times – Where do go millennials go for financial advice? Front cover for the weekend Money section.

Clare Mallison / Re:porter Magazine

Clare illustrated for Porter airlines inflight magazine Re:porter on its regular column A Tale of Two Cities. This month they compared the Canadian prime ministers residence with the White House.

Clare Mallison / Financial Times Book Review

Clare Mallison illustrated the Financial Times weekend book review of Tessa Hadley’s new novel ‘Late in the Day’.

Clare Mallison / D Magazine

Clare Mallison illustrated ‘Make 2019 the year of you’ a month to month guide to classes to go to Dallas.

Clare Mallison / Mental health at work examined for Financial Times

Clare Mallison completed an illustration for Financial Times about what employers are doing to support employees’ mental health. Mallison illustrated the cover of the project, calling on main themes like workplace anxiety, overworking, burnout and stress. Scribbles above the heads of workers show the mental chaos such workplace stresses can cause.

Clare Mallison / Illustrating “Budget 2018” for Financial Times

Clare Mallison created a double-page illustration for Financial Times on, “Budget 2018,” for its personal finance pages. Her images of everyday people walking dogs, pushing strollers, riding bikes, busy at work, and more, feature scissors cutting a path on a dotted line to illustrate cost-cutting measures people take to balance personal finances.

Clare Mallison / “Get Tap Happy!” for Translink Vancouver

Clare Mallison’s series of posters featuring contactless Visa shows commuters goings cashless as they enter the subway.  Vancouver commuters can now tap their credit cards to use trains and buses. The Get Tap Happy! campaign allows commuters to get where their going faster. Mallison worked with Taxi Agency Vancouver on this series  which can be seen […]

Clare Mallison / Gender pay gap for the Financial Times

Clare Mallison illustrates the pay gap between men and women living in the UK in an illustration for the Financial Times. According to the article, the average woman working full-time in the UK earns 9.1 percent less per hour than a man. Mallison’s image of the gender pay gap shows women stacked up lower than men […]

Clare Mallison / Children on a school trip in South Bank London

Clare Mallison created a drawing of children on a school trip at South Bank London. Mallison’s illustration of a colorful line of kids wearing fluorescent vests and carrying backpacks shows a day in the life of a child in school.    

Clare Mallison / Christmas shopping for The Clerkenwell Post

Clare Mallison created a Christmas cover illustration for The Clerkenwell Post‘s November/December issue. Mallison’s shoppers pass by while looking through shop windows on a street within Central London.

Clare Mallison / Illustrating the budget for the Financial Times

Clare Mallison created a double-page spread for the Financial Times.  As part of the budget pages for the newspaper, the article she illustrated asks how the new budget will affect us. Mallison’s colorful illustration shows an overhead view of everyday people on their way to work and play at a busy intersection of life and commerce.  

Illustrator Clare Mallison / Financial Times – House and Home

Clare illustrated how to cope with the new year and attract the odd flirtatious smile. For the weekend House and Home column in th Financial Times.

Illustrator Clare Mallison / Financial Times -Money

Clare Mallison illustrated the cover and insode spread for The Financial Times Money section. The unregulated addictive ups and downs of binary trading.

Clare Mallison Illustrates / The Chronicle Review

Clare illustrated The Frankfurt Book Fair for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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