Fashion illustrators

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Fashion illustrators

Since the beginning of fashion, designers call on fashion illustrators to bring their bold design ideas to life. Fashion illustrators work closely with fashion brands and art directors in the fashion industry to produce stylish sketches of a designer’s concept before prototypes are manufactured. Fashion illustrators create visually striking images using techniques such as sketching, drawing, painting, collage, as well as digital software.

Luxury fashion or beauty brands and lifestyle publications (such as fashion magazines) hire freelance illustrators to create trendy, innovative, and sophisticated fashion-inspired illustrations that can be transformed into advertising campaigns for print and digital media, or into branding and packaging materials. Depending on the brand and the messaging of the campaign, art directors may choose to work with contemporary fashion illustrators or artists with a more abstract fashion illustration style. Stylists and fashion consultants may also hire fashion illustrators to help their clients make fashion choices.

At Anna Goodson Illustration agency, we represent a diverse group of both emerging and veteran fashion illustrators who create alluring lifestyle and portrait illustrations in their own unique signature style for high-end fashion brands and fashion designers. Our fashion illustrators are full of personality—something that can’t be said about AI-generated art!