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Motion & Animation

Isabelle Cardinal / Dressing up as Mr. Darcy for the Chronicle of Higher Education

Isabelle Cardinal created this imaginative illustration of Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy for an article entitled,  “How Dressing as Mr. Darcy Taught Me Not to Be an Academic Snob” for the Chronicle of Higher Education. The article is about an academic dressing up as Mr. Darcy and how his look, attire, and in a way his character, […]

Isabelle Cardinal / “Inside Job: It’s all about the balance” for Ad Age

Isabelle Cardinal created a full page illustration and an animated gif for an article appearing in Ad Age on the trend to hire creative staff for in-house creative teams to promote a brand. The article explores the pros and cons of having an in-house creative team. In her illustration, Cardinal employs magnets to keep creatives connected to […]

Isabelle Cardinal / Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and the three monkeys

Isabelle Cardinal’s collage illustration of three monkeys–say no evil, hear no evil, see no evil–done originally for Commerce magazine. This is one of Cardinal ‘s vintage images still so relevant today. Cardinal points to the current craze of cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin hype hitting the marketplace.    

Isabelle Cardinal / Identity politics for the Chronicle Review

Isabelle Cardinal recently completed a cover illustration for The Chronicle of Higher Education for an article entitled, “When Students See Only Themselves.” The article discusses how identity politics is fracturing society. Cardinal’s illustration of a shattered hand mirror depicts the subject simply and powerfully.

Isabelle Cardinal / Spin the wheel

This fanciful collaged illustration accompanies a work of fiction entitled, “Spin the wheel” featured in the July issue of the St. Anthony Messenger. The story tells of a woman finding the courage to love again. She’s pictured searching the web at home with her beloved cat; a wheel of alternating question marks and hearts spinning in her mind. Depicted […]

Isabelle Cardinal / Personal work – Music, me & the universe

Nothing beats putting headphones on and listening to good old music (and the universe) … call it nostalgia of simpler times.

Isabelle Cardinal illustrates for Sky & Telescope magazine

The story was titled:”The moon does that to you” and was about the reactions of passerby as an astronomer is showing them the “magic’ of seeing the moon from a telescope for the fist time. For Sky & Telescope Magazine.

Illustrator Isabelle Cardinal / The Trump spiral

Trump spiraling down like a tornado and taking everything with him, even his own political party.

Illustrator Isabelle Cardinal / Collective Arts Brewing

The personal piece “Mr.Buffalo, an illustration by Isabelle Cardinal, has won the great honor to be featured on the Series 6 labels of Collective Arts Brewing. This series features 68 different artists from all over the world. They received over 2000 submissions for this series. Cheers!

Illustrator Isabelle Cardinal / Teen Pregnancy – D Magazine

Isabelle Cardinal illustrated for D Magazine, a story named “The 5 Worst ZIP Codes For Teen Pregnancy’ about a new movement to prevent teen pregnancy in poor areas of urban centers .

Illustrtator Isabelle Cardinal / Trigger warnings / Chronicle of Higher Education

Isabelle Cardinal illustrated on an education subject: ‘Do classroom “trigger warnings” harm or help?’ Client: The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Illustrator Isabelle Cardinal / FrankenTrump

A digital collage about the famous FrankenTrump saga. This illustration was done as a personal project and not yet published, so it is available for editorial rights purchasing..

Illustrator Isabelle Cardinal / Running injuries for Women’s Running magazine.

Isabelle Cardinal illustrated a full page illustration for Women’s Running magazine about the different running injuries, how to prevent them and understand more about what they are.

Isabelle Cardinal / Marathon maniac … back on her feet / Women’s Running Magazine

Isabelle Cardinal illustrated for Women’s Running magazine, a story about a marathon runner’s journey to get back on her feet. A very interesting and humorous story describing miles after miles how she felt throughout her marathon.

Isabelle Cardinal / Debunking Common Running Myths, Women’s Running magazine

Isabelle Cardinal illustrates the common running myths… is it true that running is terrible for your joints? Do you have to stretch before every workout? Etc.

Billboard Magazine / Garth Brooks

Isabelle Cardinal illustrated an article for Billboard Magazine on Garth Brooks & the music industry titled: ‘Does Garth Brooks Still Have Country Superstar Clout?’

Austin Monthly

Isabelle Cardinal created this illustration for the Austin Monthly, about the fact that nothing can replace “Good ol’ vinyl”.

The art of handling difficult personality types, Coup de Pouce

Isabelle Cardinal illustrated “The art of handling difficult personality types”: L’art de gérer les gens difficiles, for Coup de Pouce Magazine, March issue.

Sandwich generation, Coup de Pouce

Isabelle Cardinal illustrated an article for Coup de Pouce magazine on the “sandwich generation”.

Up! Magazine

Isabelle Cardinal illustrate a full page and two small spot illustrations for Up! Magazine, for the story: “Rack up WestJet Dollars”/ Accumulez les dollars WestJet.

Coup de Pouce magazine

Isabelle Cardinal illustrated a full page illustration for Coup de Pouce magazine on alternative ways to cure 6 current illnesses. Original title: “Des approches alternatives à 6 maux courants” .

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