Interior Illustrators

Interior illustrators shape the experience of a room, or any interior space, with an aesthetic that's clean and modern. Possessing a keen eye for architectural detail, they depict stunning interiors often with an innate flair for color and spatial relations.

Illustrating the beauty and function of interiors means having a design vocabulary within easy reach. A refined understanding of furniture styles, fabrics, and materials aid in the creation of masterful drawings of interior spaces.

Interior illustrators are often educated in the history of design, psychology, computer-aided drawing (CAD) and more. They stay abreast of interior design trends. Interior illustrators communicate spatial volume such as the scale and depth of a room as well as surface treatments like upholstery fabrics and window dressings.

In their work alongside interior designers, and sometimes architects, interior illustrators take an interior design from conception and commit it to paper.

They garner recognition for their work by accurately portraying an interior design scheme using pleasing colors, tones, and gradients. They create the illusion of three-dimensional space in their illustrations by layering washes and with shading.

Interior illustrators often add a human element, create dramatic lighting, soften converging lines, and exploit reflection on surfaces to give their illustrations a vibrant, lively sense of place. They make illustrating an interior look easy.

Interior Illustrators