Street art Illustrators

We walk past their artwork every day on our way to school or our jobs. They bring color and life to the streets on murals, urban art, street art, even graffiti. The street art illustrator scribbles, sketches and paints on walls, sidewalks, buildings and almost any surface they find.

Free and ready to take on the challenge of creating art quickly, they use whatever materials they can to convey the spontaneity of being on the street.

The street art illustrator has a preference for air brush techniques that mimic spray paint. Line drawing or bold freehand shapes in strong colors, loosely drawn, is what they do best. Black figures with block colors work too. Think Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The street art illustrator knows that impact is the name of the game. They have a powerful message and they know how to get noticed.

These illustrators don’t want to be bothered with rules and technique. The thrive on self-expression, the open road, the smell of the night air. Call them urban cowboys, or simply unencumbered souls who don’t want to be restricted. They know the promise of freedom has a price. Street art illustrators see the value of the handwriting on the wall. They will tell you what they think even if you don’t ask. They want you to like them but they don’t mind if you don’t.

Their work is their own. Love the freedom-seeking street art illustrator for being bold enough to express almost anything. Their sprawling message will be clear and colorful. To them, change is much more than what’s in your pocket.

Street art Illustrators