Tina Zellmer / CivilEats / The True Cost of Tuna: Marine Observers Dying at Sea

Tina Zellmer





Tina Zellmer was assigned to make illustrations for an article about “The True Cost of Tuna: Marine Observers Dying at Sea”.
The harassment, abuse, and sometimes death of the marine observers who uphold sustainable seafood standards are the industry’s worst-kept secrets. Critics say the people and companies that earn the most money on tuna aren’t doing enough to secure their well-being.
“It really looks beautiful, thank you so much for your great work” says Lee van der Voo, Contributing Editor and Art director of CivilEats.

Read more here: https://civileats.com/2023/05/23/the-true-cost-of-tuna-marine-observers-dying-at-sea/