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Motion & Animation

Illustrator David Senior / Purdue Alumnus

David Senior created this image for Purdue Alumnus magazine about how alumni are impacting the world with their work on sustainable energy.

David Senior / San Antonio Current

David Senior illustrated the recent cover of the San Antonio Current, for an article about the tremendous high-end rental boom.

David Senior / San Antonio magazine

David Senior was commissioned by San Antonio magazine to illustrate an article on how local non-profits have adopted a business mindset to measure and help boost their impact.

Hemispheres magazine

David Senior illustrated a travel essay in Hemispheres magazine that discussed the benefits of couples who vacation separately.

The Silent Treatment

David Senior illustrated the cover for the health section of the Boston Globe. The article outlined the poor quality of local hospitals end-of-life care.

Is Vegetarianism Dead?

David Senior created this image for Organic Gardening magazine. The article asks the question, “Is Vegetarianism Dead?”.

Family Circle magazine

David Senior illustrates for Family Circle on the topic of charitable giving during the holidays.

PCWorld magazine

David Senior illustrates a story on data breach victims for PCWorld magazine.


David Senior created this image for Miller-McCune about soldiers who have injured their souls and have been morally wounded by their experiences.


David Senior illustrates an article for MoneySense about the decisions Canadians face when collecting their pensions: ‘Retirement. Less Now? More Later?’. If they start earlier they see less money each month, wait a little longer and the amount increases.

National Mortgage News

David Senior illustrates the pros and cons of outsourcing for National Mortgage News.

Alberta Oil magazine

David Senior creates a whole slew of illustrations for Alberta Oil magazine, centered around the topic of the many uses of natural gas.

AGM Welcomes David Senior!

David Senior’s approach to illustration is to simplify an idea down to one quick conceptual idea. He would love to work with you on your next project, please get in touch if you would like to have him create an image for you. A small list of some of the fine folks I have worked […]