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Motion & Animation

Gary Neill / EXPMAG – What you do after your house burns down

Recent animated gif for a poignant short story about how someone felt after her house had burnt down?

Gary Neill / The Pop-Tart whisperer for ExpMag

I was commissioned to illustrate and animate an article about a war correspondent who picks up a surprising skill whilst in Afghanistan

Gary Neill / The dangers of the shadow banking sector

Gary Neill completed a commission for the article, “Shining a light on shadow banking,”  for a London business school. The article focuses on how conventional banking is safer today than a decade ago. Risks from the shadowy non-banking sector, however, are still real and growing. Neill’s image of towers of stacked gold coins and dollars […]

Gary Neill / “The key to being valued” for Pi magazine

Gary Neill’s recent commission for Pi magazine on property valuations and improvements needed for these valuations to be appreciated by consumers. Neill’s graphic image in yellow of a key with key ring in keyhole holding a statistical chart is a simple, bold design solution to complex editorial content.

Gary Neill / The power of financial news

Gary Neill created this illustration for an article on how online financial journalism can impact the decisions of small investors. Publications sway investors with content that convinces them to invest based upon markers and indicators that predict success. Neill’s tablet with a chart that enters real space shows the persuasive power of online financial news.

Gary Neill / Banks curb gun sales for The New York Times

Gary Neill created this clever illustration—a gif—for the Sunday Business section of The New York Times on American banks attempting to curb gun sales. According to the article, Republicans are trying to stop banks from affecting sales despite the Republican party’s reluctance to regulate free markets.

Gary Neill / Targeting seniors

Gary Neill’s series of three illustrations accompanied an article on the topic of fraud against the elderly. The article alerts readers to the prevalence and danger of phone fraud, credit card fraud and construction fraud targeting seniors. Neill’s bold, graphic illustrations shows a sinister element lurking behind daily tasks such as using a mobile phone, paying by credit card […]

Gary Neill / Op-Ed for The Minneapolis Star Tribune

Gary Neill illustrated an Op-Ed piece for The Minneapolis Star Tribune on attempts by a state agency to crackdown on school discipline disparities among racial groups.  The Op-Ed suggests that a crackdown could result in chaos in the classroom. Neill’s illustration of an administrator hiding behind a white board that’s being pelleted with paper airplanes depicts […]

Gary Neill / Data breaches across borders

Gary Neill’s recent commission, an editorial illustration for Canadian Lawyer magazine, with options on how the legal profession can respond to cross border data breaches.

Gary Neill / WWI innovations

Gary Neill created this animated light bulb with a skull inside and various weapons circling around it from a previous commission for The Boston Globe about key innovations that occurred during WWI. Neill’s .gif is part of an ongoing series looking at how editorial illustration can work in digital publications and social media feeds.  

Gary Neill / America’s alpha male

Gary Neill illustrated an article for The London Business School Review on what people will do not to feel out of control. The article identifies society’s need to elect an alpha male to maintain the illusion of control. Neill’s editorial illustration of Trump at the podium in front of a red backdrop; his shadow looming large as a primate […]

Gary Neill / Ransomware attacks and cyber insurance for Lexpert magazine

Lexpe Gary Neill created a series of editorial illustrations for Lexpert magazine on ransomware attacks and cyber insurance.  Neill’s illustrations are featured in a blog post showing different sectors such as business, sport, technology, health, motion, and opinion. The illustrator’s vibrant and compelling style conveys the threat of cyber attack with strong visual concepts, bold color and […]

Gary Neill / Repairing genetics for The Economist

Gary Neill recently created an editorial illustration for The Economist for an article on genetic repairs to DNA in embryos. Neill’s colorful graphic of a strand of DNA’s double helix, inserted into a cell by the gloved hand of a lab scientist, appeared in print and online to promote the article to the newspaper’s 21-million Twitter followers.  

Illustrator Gary Neill / NEW WORK / NEW WEBSITE

There’s been a huge update over at with a new site design, lots of new work and an animated section too. Put the kettle on, make a brew and take a look when you can.


Following on from my nomination in the V&A Illustration Awards I was asked for my two penn’orth on the industry.

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