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Motion & Animation

Guille Manchado / Paper airplane for Travel + Leisure

Guille Manchado was commissioned by Travel + Leisure magazine to create an image for an article on cheap airline tickets. Manchado’s illustration of a paper airplane shadowed by a real plane brilliantly shows the illustrator’s art of creating a visual image from a simple yet bold concept.

Guille Manchado / A common future in programming for La Directa

Guille Manchado was commissioned by La Directa, a Catalan newspaper, to create illustrations on the topic of computer programming. In the article, ” A common future in programming,” the author claims that technological sovereignty is in service to the community. Manchado’s illustrates the two most-often used methods of saving our data online. The first illustration shows a matrix-like net […]

Guille Manchado / Being a member of the absolute minority

Guille Manchado created a recent addition to his portfolio on what it’s like to be a part of society’s absolute minority. Manchado asks, “Does being different from the masses make you go unnoticed or does it highlight you even more?”  

Guille Manchado / Books and flowers for Télérama

Guille Manchado was commissioned by Télérama, a well-known French cultural magazine, to create illustrations on literature and ecology. Manchado’s illustration of books that look like flowers opening and a second illustration of a man reading behind a green plant show simply how literature and nature play off one another.  Manchado’s minimalist, graphic style lends itself to a […]

Guille Manchado / Discovering an alternative path

Guille Manchado’s recent addition to his portfolio on discovering alternative paths in life. With a searchlight lighting the way, Manchado’s illustration begs the question: “Are you someone who follows the conventional path or are you open to an alternative route?”    

Guille Manchado / Corruption wears a gabardine coat

Guille Manchado’s recent addition to his portfolio presents corruption in the form of a man wearing a gabardine coat. What’s inside his coat? Deals that will be exposed as corrupt. Manchado’s cloak and dagger portrayal of what happens behind the scenes in business is a thought-provoking game of hide and seek perpetrated by those who gain to profit from dishonest business dealings.  

Guille Manchado / An interview with Guille Manchado

Guille Manchado was interviewed by Ballpit magazine, a publication dedicated to featuring interviews with well-respected artists.  The magazine is known for searching out artists of note. Manchado’s illustration of a man lifting a brick wall to see what’s behind it is an apt image to shine a light on what exactly is behind an artist’s work.    

We’re thrilled to welcome Spanish illustrator Guille Manchado to our Gang!

Originally from Barcelona, Guille Manchado had his first contact with art throught graffiti. He then studied illustration and graphic design in Barcelona. Manchado now creates conceptual illustration because he believes that illustration is a way to solve problems and to make people reflect and think. His characters are always anonymous, built from round shapes and plain colors.