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Motion & Animation

Hanna Melin / Love can keep a heart healthy

Hanna Melin’s illustration of people of all ages clustered within a heart was created to raise awareness about heart health for World Heart Day. The illustration was commissioned by The British Heart Foundation and Rankin about our Heart to draw attention to the importance of maintaining a healthy heart. Melin’s colorful, patterned feel-good portrayal of love: parents hugging […]

Hanna Melin / Shaggy Swag

Hanna Melin’s dog and NYC-inspired graphic print will be used by Shaggy Swag, an online pet company for advertising and promotion. Melin’s fun and fabulous pattern in orange of dogs with swag amidst NYC landmark buildings, will appear on Shaggy Swag’s delivery trucks, wrapping paper and T-shirts, as well as other promotional materials, to brand the online company.    

Hanna Melin / Nervous hares in the wildflowers

Hanna Melin created a series of book illustrations for, “Readable Minds,” educational books for children. Melin has pictured a group of nervous hares in a field with wildflowers.  Her charming, published illustration encourages reading in primary schools.    

Hanna Melin / Barbecues and burgers

Hanna Melin created two well-conceived animations for Holiday Inn recently.  One shows guests at a barbecue, and the other is entitled, “Burgers to the rescue.” Melin’s colorful, friendly, imagery promotes fun and guest satisfaction when booking a room at the hotel chain. Her advertising illustration was based on guest reviews of the hotels.  

Hanna Melin / Vista Higher Learning

Hanna Melin created this piece for a pitch for one of “VHL” educational books, teaching young adults Spanish.

Hanna Melin / Illustrates, Best in Show

Self initiated work. A series of drawings by Hanna Melin about “Crufts”, the world’s largest dog show.

Illustrator Hanna Melin / The Avett Brothers

Hanna Melin did a series of graphic tees for grammy award folk rock band The Avett Brothers.

Hanna Melin / Sock it to me socks!

Hanna Melin designed socks for “Sock it to me”. Here is the toddler version!

Hanna Melin Illustrates for Architet’s Journal

A dachshund dressed as Zaha Hadid, made for the “Ian Martin” column in Architect’s Journal.

Illustrator Hanna Melin / Refugee Week 2016

Two close ups of the “Refugee Week poster, highlighting the contributions of refugees to our history and culture. Famous authors, actors and artists who all had refugee parents.

Illustrator Hanna Melin / Flow

Hanna Melin created this piece for “Flow Magazine”. “Offline is the new luxury”.

Illustrator Hanna Melin / Sketchbook

Cats ready for Winter! Page from Hanna Melin’s sketchbook.

Illustrator Hanna Melin / Bath Spa University

Hanna Melin created four illustrations for Bath Spa University. Practice makes perfect, if you do it the right way!

Illustrator Hanna Melin / Amifa

Hanna Melin created together with Japanese company Amifa a range of washi tapes. This is the pattern from the Christmas one!

Illustrator Hanna Melin / Lead the Walk

Hanna Melin illustrated a fun mixture of cool dogs for online brand “Lead the Walk”. The image will be used for all printed material and promotion.

Illustrator Hanna Melin / Flow

Hanna Melin designed these stickers for “Flow”, a Dutch magazine all about your welfare, enjoying life and relaxing.

Illustrator Hanna Melin / Papyrus

Hanna Melin created these greeting card boxes for company Papyrus. Each box contains 4 designs of dogs wearing their favorite outfit!

Illustration Hanna Melin / Open House

Hanna Melin created an illustration about “Le Corbusier” for the “Open House” catalogue. Open House happens once a year in London, UK and invite the public to admire London’s architecture, both private and public buildings.