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Hanna Melin / Personal Work

Personal work about getting older. How do I want to be old?

Hanna Melin / Personal Work

Hanna Melin created a series of images called “Russian Billionaire Conference 1989”

Hanna Melin / Christmas stationery designs for Amifa

Hanna Melin created assorted holiday stationery for the Japanese paper company, Amifa. Melin’s designs included greeting cards, washi tape, cards, paper plates, cups, wrapping paper and more.

Hanna Melin / Portfolio drawings entitled, “Seaside”

Hanna Melin lasted additions to her portfolio include a series of drawing entitled “Seaside.” Here, a red-haired boy who’s caught a fish carries it on his shoulders.

Hanna Melin / 2019 Diary cover design for Amifa

Hanna Melin’s latest design for the Japanese firm “Amifa”, a series of illustrations for their stationery.  Pictured here is a 2019 Diary cover design of happy, colorful dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes from Stegosaurus to T-Rex. Melin’s pink, blue, yellow and peach dinosaurs can be seen prancing, dancing and strolling past people, palm trees […]

Hanna Melin / Dressed-up dogs

Hanna Melin drew four dressed-up dogs that will be printed on tote bags for residents of Connaught Village in West London. Donning driving googles, eyeglasses, pearls, bowtie and hat, this well-dressed group of pooches will be carried along on shopping trips, to venues around town and special events.  

Hanna Melin / Colorful animal-themed washi tapes for Amifa

Hanna Melin created the designs for a series of colorful washi tapes for Amifa, a Japanese stationery company. The commissioned designs for the decorative adhesive tapes are animal-themed with images of birds, cats, a panda, a koala bear, a monkey , a sloth and more, pictured hanging from trees, branches and in their natural habitats.

Hanna Melin / Futuristic retail park

Hanna Melin created these images for a poster for the TCE Future Retail Competition, a competition/charrette calling for architects to work up ideas for a projected 200,000 square mile retail park to be built by 2030. Melin’s renderings show an indoor/outdoor mall with walkways, a monorail, solar panels, delivery drones, a play area for kids and outdoor seating with terraced […]

Hanna Melin / Delightful characters to appear on Amifa staionery

Hanna Melin created a series of drawings on assorted stationery for Amifa, a Japanese paper product company. Themed around the circus, her playful characters are a cast of animals, each with a unique act under the circus tent. Melin’s jovial and fun-filled characters: a donkey that balances on one foot, rabbits that are in a band, a fox that does […]

Hanna Melin / An animation for Enbridge

a  Hanna Melin created an animation for Enbridge, a multinational energy transportation company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company is attempting to encourage employees to think outside the box when it comes to time management. Here are two stills from Melin’s animation. One of an employee’s work cubicle with a gallery of cat photos and a […]

Hanna Melin / Illustrating the alumni magazine, Portico

Hanna Melin created this editorial illustration for the alumni magazine, Portico, based in the UK. Melin’s clever vantage point creates flat pattern, color and cut out shapes to depict a student working with the aid of notebook, computer and smartphone.

Hanna Melin / Encouraging decision-making at Enbridge

Hanna Melin created five posters for the firm, Enbridge, a Canadian multinational energy transportation company based in Calgary, Alberta. The commission was an in-house project aimed at encouraging employees to become decision-makers. Melin’s tongue-and-cheek illustrations poke fun at employees who hesitate to make decisions on their own.

Hanna Melin / Line drawings for Oxford Press

Hanna Melin created characters for Oxford Press that will be included in teaching materials distributed throughout schools in the UK. Melin’s approachable characters are line drawings of ordinary people dressed in attire to match their professional roles: a surgical assistant, a construction worker, a policewoman and a concierge.

Hanna Melin / Animal Christmas Choir

Hanna Melin paired up with the Japanese paper company, Amifa, to create Christmas stationery goods after completing an illustration of an Animal Christmas Choir. In Melin’s choir: A polar bear, a pig, sheep, rabbit and other assorted creatures, are singing merrily to celebrate the season.    

Hanna Melin / Smart cities for the Swiss magazine, Aitit

Hanna Melin created a cover design and a full-page illustration for Aiti, a Swiss magazine. Melin’s illustrations depict “smart cities,” with infrastructures controlled by touchscreens and smartphones.

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