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Motion & Animation

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Allergens float and dance in the air

Jennifer Tapias Derch created this lively .gif for an article in the September issue of Consumer Reports on allergies: the myths and truths. Tapias Derch uses bold graphic shapes, in motion, to show allergens in the air around us.  Her playful treatment of a serious topic in her editorial illustration, attracts readers to an informative article […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Where your imagination takes you

Jennifer Tapias Derch creates an illustration inspired by the influence of reading on people’s daily lives. Tapias Derch depicts a creative space accessible to those who read.  Using primary colors and bold shapes, the illustrator shows how reading can take us to a universe beyond; leading us on a journey of the imagination.    

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Summer reads with cover illustrations that pop

Jennifer Tapias Derch’s powerful black-and-white illustrations with spot colors are featured on a series of book covers for the Washington Post’s, Lily Lines, as part of their summer reading list. The Post recently launched, The Lily, a new publication with a focus on millennial women.  The Lily features original and re-packaged journalism distributed exclusively on social media and […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / How to keep a client: 10 easy practices

The lithe figures in this editorial illustration show how a skillful interplay of color and shape on a page can convey an idea with an economy of expression. Featuring an aplomb use of negative space, simple shapes, and implied movement, this brilliant image appears in graffica magazine’s 6th issue, illustrating an article on 10 ways to keep a client. […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Illustrates Killing me softly

Illustration inspired by a fatal attraction story

Illustrator Jennifer Tapias Derch / La Directa, catalonian newspaper

Illustration for La Directa (catalonian newspaper) # 431/05, about transgenic crops and monopolies.

Beautiful new Illustration by Jennifer Tapias Derch / Public pool

“Panopticism is one of the characteristic traits of our society. It’s a type of power that is applied to individuals in the form of continuous individual supervision, in the form of control, punishment and compensation, and in the form of correction, that is, the molding and transformation of individuals in terms of certain norms.” Michael […]

Illustrator Jennifer Tapias Derch / Down to earth

About her, with her feet on the ground and her head in the skies. …

Illustrator Jennifer Tapias Derch / Spring waves

Illustration about the spring arrival in Valencia city.

Illustrator Jennifer Tapias Derch / The birthday

“To get back one’s youth one has merely to repeat one’s follies.” Oscar Wilde

Illustrator Jennifer Tapias Derch / Literatur Spiegel, The dark side of empathy

Illustration about ‘The dark side of empathy’, book written by Fritz Breithaupt

Jennifer Tapias Derch Illustrates for / Graffica Magazine Nº4,

Conceptual illustration for article about copies, plagiaries, inspirations or tributes in creative contexts

We’re thrilled to welcome illustrator, Jennifer Tapias Derch to our Gang.

Jennifer works in conceptual illustration and graphic design. She explores the synthesis of concepts on minimal shapes through colourful and suggestive compositions. Her inspiration comes from literature, music geometry, visual games amongst other things.