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Jennifer Tapias Derch / Volunteered and did this illustration for FREE for ‘God’s Love We deliver’

Jennifer has created this symbolic illustration for ‘God Love We Deliver’ association, as part of  the agency’s Work For FREE promotion. Each year in the month of February, Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion, offers to work for FREE, for non-profits and charities . God’s Love We Deliver, is a non-profit organization, who’s mission is to improve the health and […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Cover illustration for Vancouver Magazine The wine issue

Jennifer Tapias Derch illustrates the Jan/Feb cover of Vancouver Magazine, art director Cathy Mullaly. An issue dedicated to wine Lovers with essential information about this topic. Her illustration shows a warm and organic gesture of two glasses inviting to enjoy this special issue.

Jennifer Tapias Derch / The best books this summer for The Guardian Review

Jennifer Tapias Derch created a cover illustration and an inside spread for The Guardian Review‘s 25th issue published, July 7th. Her conceptual illustrations on the best books this summer explore the sensations of submerging and escaping through reading. Tapias Derch’s cover illustration shows a woman diving into deep waters to illustrate how a reader dives into a good […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / The pink tax for Gràffica Magazine

Jennifer Tapias Derch illustrated an article for Gràffica magazine, 9th Edition, on why women pay more than men for the same products. If cosmetics and personal hygiene products have pink packaging, for example, they often cost more. Tapias Derch’s illustration shows a silhouette of a woman wearing a skirt that resembles a purse. She compares what appears to be […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Fresh literary voices for The Guardian Review

Jennifer Tapias Derch created a cover illustration  and inside spread for The Guardian Review‘s 11th issue. Her conceptual illustrations show a fresh, spring-like connection between new literary voices and flowers. In her illustrations, open books flower and appear on branches suggesting that we branch out and discover new books, just as a new season begins.

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Illustrating eye pathologies

Jennifer Tapias Derch completed a series of five conceptual illustrations for the Wax Agency.  Her illustrations were part of the design of the Mitchel Eye Centre website. Each illustration reflects a full screen of a different eye pathology treated at the center. Using delicate and suggestive conceptual language, Jennifer’s  illustrations were created with the thought of animating these images on the eye […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Corporate illustrations for Clío

Jennifer Tapias Derch created a series of corporate illustrations for Clío’s business book, for its 10th anniversary. Tapias Derch illustrated the essence of each chapter, conceptually, reflecting on the services the company provides and its origin, vision and growth as a legal practice management software firm. Clío sells software designed for lawyers and entrepreneurs and is based in Vancouver, […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Love and work

Jennifer Tapias Derch created the symbol for the 8th annual International Illustrators willing to work for Free campaign. The campaign is an opportunity for non-profits and charities to commission original illustration for free in the month of February. Tapias Derch’s illustration reflects the simple fusion between love, illustration and non-profits who work for such worthy causes each and every day.

Jennifer Tapias Derch / “A liberal defense of tribalism”

Jennifer Tapias Derch recently illustrated a double-page spread for the January issue of Foreign Policy magazine on the concept of tribalism in politics. Author, Lawrence Rosen, asserts in his article, “A liberal defense of tribalism,” that tribalism is still in play in how we parcel out political discourse in the United States and elsewhere. Tapias Derch […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Baroque portraits revisited

Jennifer Tapias Derch, inspired by classic Baroque portraits, created this “Illustrated Portraits” series of dames and dukes of old revisited. Tapias Derch presents a new approach to the drama of the Baroque portrait in her fun, colorful, 21st century version of this classic genre.

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Theory about life on other planets

Jennifer Tapias Derch’s latest work entitled, “Theory about life on other planets” is a conceptual illustration about reading and the fictional universes revealed to us through books. The imaginary world shown floating above the book depicts the power of imagining that’s inspired by books.      

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Enjoying every minute

Jennifer Tapias Derch depicts the relationship between time and happiness in a recent addition to her portfolio. With a vibrant yellow background and a bold, graphic composition of abstracted figures on swings hanging from a clock, Tapias Derch creates an illustration about enjoying every minute of life.

Jennifer Tapias Derch / A game in a book

Jennifer Tapias Derch was invited to participate in the Sindokma Book Fair in Valencia, Spain from October 27-29. She was an exhibitor presenting her experimental illustrated book, “Exemplary Crimes,” written by Max Aub. The self-published illustrated edition is a game with illustrations, micro stories, and more than 400 segments to enjoy. Tapias Derch’s abstracted, graphic style adapts perfectly […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Recognition after death for Gràffica Magazine

Jennifer Tapias Derch illustrated an article for Gràffica magazine’s 7th issue about creatives, artists and celebrities finding fame and success after death. Tapias Derch’s delicate treatment of the subject uses irony as she invites readers to contemplate a composition of red flowers pushing beyond the page and emerging from an abstracted skull.  She concludes: creativity lives on beyond the grave.

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Allergens float and dance in the air

Jennifer Tapias Derch created this lively .gif for an article in the September issue of Consumer Reports on allergies: the myths and truths. Tapias Derch uses bold graphic shapes, in motion, to show allergens in the air around us.  Her playful treatment of a serious topic in her editorial illustration, attracts readers to an informative article […]

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